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Made With Natural Ingredients

Made with ingredients we study and take time into making to ensure you are putting good nourishment into your body


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We're putting more into our line, and launching new products to embody the lifestyle of self care.

Our Mission

Health has always been our number one priority. Living in a fast-growing world, rushing through life, our body suffers. What's worse is, we turned away from natural products, mostly because they're hard to get and expensive.

But what if that isn't the truth anymore? What if we could offer you to take care of your body in a healthy manner while saving money? Sounds good to be true...but it always does. Our goal is to raise awareness by promoting a home-made body care products.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Omg!! It's so good. I've been using the soap and joy line scrubs and body butter for a little over a month now and LOVE IT! The scrub makes your skin feel already lubricated after use. The soap does not leave your skin flaky nor chap. I rarely have to use the body butter. Bomb!

Pari' Sade'

Everything arrive on time and in excellent packaging. The scents are amazing and my skin loves the products themselves. I ordered soaps, bath salts, shea butters and hair oil. I will definitely order more of these products for myself and as gifts.

Melissa Henderson

I got 3 soap bars earlier this summer at Live on Lincoln Fest (Belmont/Ashland). Gone through two and almost done with third. They have just enough scent, lather well, and hold up till the end. They've been a great way to stay fresh this summer! Get some NOW!

Dave Spiegler