Private Reiki + Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Private Reiki + Intuitive Coaching Sessions

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Reiki healing was made for you! 

You deserve to give yourself the give of peace, rest, and boundless confidence along your journey, love. 


The biggest difference between my Reiki sessions and other traditional sessions is I provide comprehensive solutions to the issues that may plague you. The traditional R session DOES help you. Energy is moved, you feel relaxed and relieved when you’re done and you’ve told what chakras need work. BUT most Reiki practitioners aren’t giving you support and answers to the questions you have about HOW to do the work. 


With each chakra, I take a deep dive into the HISTORY of your energy. I speak directly to your whole energetic body and I listen to the story each chakra wants to tell during your session. I examine the patterns and stories at play in your life and show you how they attach to your spirit. We pinpoint WHERE the issues come from and how you can resolve them to reach your desired goal.


Think about a reiki session as your own personal blueprint for peace and clarity. I shine a light on internal issues going on that you haven’t shared with many (or any) people. I create a safe space for your spiritual guides and ancestors to come through to support you. 


  • You WILL be awakened to the strengths and gifts you forgot you had. 

  • You WILL be encouraged to live your best life. 

  • You WILL leave be seen and heard.

  • You WILL begin the process of releasing what doesn’t serve you. 

  • You WILL be validated in your emotions.


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