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Grounding chakra candle

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Enjoy this beautiful grounding chakra candle

 This candle includes layers of the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra. 

Root Chakra -

  • Color-Red
  • Scent- Bergamot And Frankincense
  • Great for Safety And anxiety 


Sacral Chakra

  • Color-Orange
  •  Scent- Orange
  •  Great for manifesting and goal setting

 Solar Plexus

  •  Color-Yellow
  •  Scent-Lemon
  •  Great for confidence and consistency

 Heart Chakra

  •  Color-Green
  •  Scent-Jasmine
  •  Great for purpose and passion



  •  meditation
  •  prayer
  •  yoga
  •  journaling
  •  goal setting


 Crystals included

- Black Tourmaline for protection 

- Red Jasper for grounding

- Rose Quartz for love and heart chakra

- Citrine for confidence and manifesting

Weighs 1.2lbs