Inner Opulence Reiki Training

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Inner Opulence

This is a double certification

*Traditional Usui Reiki-1 Certification

* Opulent Reiki ™ Intuitive and Chakra based energy healing

Level one is all about Self Mastery

- Healing your home

- Healing yourself

- Using your energy to have things work for you so you can prosper with ease and not hustle

- Protecting your peace physically and spiritually

- Learning to create safe spaces for yourself no matter where you are

-Shielding your energy to prevent excessive stress, anxiety, worry and fear

- Looking within and not feeling depleted, drained and/or used

- and much more!

This teaches you how to put yourself first unapologetically and the proper way to give from your overflow.

This is universal energy.

That means, no matter what you believe, no matter what industry you are in, no matter who you identify as, this is a healing tool for self preservation.

The ultimate foundation to start living life the way you desire, no matter how massive your goal are!

I’d love to assist you on your journey be empowering your Inner Opulence™